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My interest in fashion began when I was first introduced to the intellectualisation of fashion as an art. Up till then, I had always considered it a frivolous pursuit, a distractor rather than an enricher. As I have grown, this one dimensional view has slowly grown to be multifaceted, to be a more wholesome understanding of fashion as a confluence of art, history, and politics, as something beyond individual self expression, a medium that reflects a time and a people in their entirety as well.

As such, I don't want this space to purely be a pursuit of materialistic acquisitions. That's why the basis of most writing is an attempt to educate myself and others on the details, technical and otherwise that should inform our purchases, as well as the need to understand the where, what, and why of pieces. Beyond this I'd like to create a space where we can have an open dialogue about the more abstract impact of fashion and what it means in terms of the political, historical, and artistic climate. I believe from fashion we can learn a lot about the world we live in and the people that inhabit it.

Every week (hopefully, but definitely every two weeks) I'll upload a curated list of articles from various sites that I think are informative and important for everyone to read. I'd love it if you'd do the same in the comments sections, so we can learn and grow together!


This week, like all first weeks of May, has been overtaken by the legendary Met Gala. Here are my favourite articles delving into the history and the religious meaning of this year's theme: Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.

Check out the entire list in my " Heavenly Bodies: A curated reading list for the fashion intellectual". for categorised articles that interpret the red carpet looks, the exhibition itself, and the history of the Met Gala.  ******If you guys are interested, I'll add an addendum including  a breakdown of all the red carpet looks and their religious references , though I do think that the Cannes Film Festival coming in on the heels of The Met Gala may steal the spotlight (thank our 24hr news cycles for that).

The Metaphorical Nature of Creation: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination - The Metropolitan Museum

Andrew Bolton, Wendy Yu Curator in Charge, The Costume Institute, talks inspiration and the thinking behind choosing this year's theme.

The Met Gala’s theme is “Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.” What exactly does that mean? -Vox

A timeline look at how and why Catholicism has had such a great influence on fashion and vice versa, and what exactly the "Catholic Aesthetic" really is. A must read in my books, the article beautifully written, and extremely insightful.

'Heavenly Bodies' Brings the Fabric of Faith to the Met" - The New York Times

The best and most honest critique of the Met's exhibit, it gives an insightful review of each part of the three part exhibit, providing historical background, and politically relevant commentary along the way.


Meet Tony Liu and Lindsey Schuyler: The Duo Behind Diet Prada - The Fashion Law

8 months after the website The Fashion Law exposed the pair behind Diet Prada, they've come forward and officially confirmed this in an exclusive interview (OMG)  in The Business of Fashion. Unfortunately its a professional membership article, so for those of you who haven't subscribed to them, definitely give The Fashion Law article a read.

"Diet Prada wrote in a recent post, calling out J.W. Anderson for allegedly copying Hermès, 'Everything surfaces at some point, people!' With that in mind, here is the answer to the question on many fashion figures' and fans' minds as of late: Tony Liu and Lindsey Schuyler. They are the duo behind the anonymous Instagram account Diet Prada."

Azzedine Alaïa’s Last Exhibit Will Include Unseen Pieces - The Cut

"When Azzedine Alaïa passed away last November, the master couturier was in the midst of working on a major exhibition with the Design Museum in London. This Thursday, that exhibition will open to the public."

Everlane’s First-Ever Physical Store Takes “Radical Transparency” Literally - Fast Company

"Preysman (Everlane Founder)explains that customers had been asking for a store so they could try on products to get a better sense of their size. This was also good for Everlane, since there has been a spike in returns, particularly as it has gone into categories like shoes where there is little wiggle room with sizing."

Google Is the Latest Company to Help You Creep on Other People’s Clothes - Racked

"But even as they expand our aesthetic worlds, image recognition features can also contribute to what we at Racked like to call “the Great Flattening” — the notion that as we become more connected to one another’s style via apps like Instagram, more brand-aware, and more likely to take our style cues from technology, what we wear is becoming increasingly standardized. Brands, too, are guilty of this: What they offer, and how they market it, is one big blur."

Who Is Anna Wintour Asking Us to Forgive in Her Editor’s Letter? - The Cut

"Lives and careers were destroyed by Harvey, and tragically, that includes his own family. But that doesn’t mean they deserve more social rehabilitation than his other victims. When Anna Wintour puts Ashley Judd, Rose McGowan, Rosanna Arquette, Mira Sorvino, or one of the dozens of women who came forward to accuse Weinstein on the cover of Vogue — when she uses her power to get Asia Argento a movie role or a beauty contract — then maybe we can applaud her efforts."


Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” Lyrics Explained - Hypebeast

An explanation of all the metaphorical imagery you may or may not have caught.

I'm Not Black, I'm Kanye: Kanye West wants freedom, white freedom - Ta-Nehisi Coates via The Atlantic

Beautiful insight into the complexities of race and culture and the desire to define ourselves as individuals, separate the me from we, and how flawed but utopian such an ideal is.

To the rest of us “woke”, the reality of who Kanye west has become is a reflection of what may be the state of our youth today. The state of the young who grow in a country where the history of the Kardashians is more widely known than the history of this country. Maybe he’s a gift in disguise, opening our eyes to a greater problem in America, showing us the thinking, unlettered as it may be, of those who support Trumpian ideology. And the impact of important figures supporting such ideas. As the saying goes, the man who knows the least often has the strongest opinions.


I’m a short girl with a short torso. For most of my life this has meant not only cheaper under 18 train tickets, and getting great deals on coats from the children’s department, but also being carded without fail despite being well into the latter part of my 20s, being constantly underestimated because of my size, and worst of all, almost never being able to find adult clothing that didn’t make me look like a child playing dress up. Though I’ve figured out what I can and can’t make work (and most importantly have found a great tailor) sometimes I’m posed with sartorial dilemmas that aren’t as easily solved. One such dilemma is that of the non-adjustable strap. 

Inevitably necklines dip to NSFW levels of depth on me, made worse by the fact that tailoring straps can often ruin the fall and overall silhouette of a top.

After much searching, I have finally found a solution: Strap Savers. I stumbled upon these when I first started investing silk camisoles and realised how much more versatile they would be if I could adjust the sexiness with just a quick tightening or loosening of a strap. Loose and let out (no pun intended) for drunken nights dancing, and high and tight for more conservative settings aka work or family dinners. The strap saver requires no sewing skills on your part, magically creating an adjustable strap for you.

Here’s a little video showing you how I used the strap savers to transition from a day to night look!

So how useful has this really been to me, now that I’ve had a few weeks to test drive it? Pretty darn useful.


1. Measure the width/diameter (in the case of round straps) of your strap, preferably close to where the strap meets the back of your top, as this is where you’ll want to position the strap saver. Then order the required strap saver size (1/4, ½, or ¾, or 1 inch) color (they offer black, tan, and metallic), and strength (regular or extra strength for bigger busted women, or sports bras). I chose the ¼ inch strap saver in black, which ended up being too small for my Grana Classic Silk V neck camisoles (for which I’d recommend the ½ inch strap savers), but worked perfectly on my Grana Silk Contrast Panel camisole which has slightly thinner straps. For rounder straps the strap saver should be snug, and a little hard to get the straps into (because of the incongruency in shape), but not so tight that the metal chafes the fabric.

2. To tighten already adjustable straps (aka on bras, etc), you will only need one strap saver per strap (the Single Strap Saver solution), but to convert a nonadjustable strap into an adjustable one you will need two strap savers per strap (the Double Strap Saver Solution).

3. Install the strap savers (refer to video or read the instructions provided on the site here: Single StrapSolution or Double Strap Solution

4. Voila you’re done! You can easily remove the strap savers at any point, or reinstall them for a different strap length.


1. You can add these to already adjustable straps to tighten them further, aka expensive bras whose straps have lost their elasticity (what a shame to throw them away before their time)

2. Or, you can use them like I do to bring some of those scandalously low hanging camisoles, to more appropriate heights.

3. They can be used on normal bras, sports bras, tops, dresses and even swimsuits!

4. Unlike more permanent solutions like alterations, these are removable and hence reversible at any time.

5. They’re durable, made of 18-gauge (Regular) and 14-gauge (Extra Strength) stainless steel. The colored versions are coated with ceramic, and all strap savers can be worn in chlorine and salt water.

6. You can throw your tops in the wash WITH these on. They won’t ruin your clothes, though they can come loose and get stuck in your dryer so don’t make it a habit.

7. They are ridiculously affordable, especially in terms of all the money I’ve saved on tailoring. I’m not a sewing pro, and silk is a tricky fabric to work with. I’ve already saved so much money when considering cost per wear, and the number of tops I’ve been able to wear using this solution. The Strap Savers only cost $15 a pair (with free shipping within the United States), after which every additional pair is only $10.

8. Exchanges are free, so if you do happen to order the wrong size or color, you can exchange them for the right fit. Both exchanges and returns (they offer returns with a full refund) must be done within 30 days, not including time for priority or international shipping. All returns must include the original packing as well, so don’t throw that out.

9. This is the best pro of all: For every Strap Saver sold, money is donated towards Breast Cancer Research. You can read more about their philanthropic endeavours here.


1. Not exactly a con per say, but the strap savers work best on flat straps. The folds stack more neatly when the straps are flat vs round. I don’t mind, since I don’t think the difference is too obvious, but it’s something to think about.

2. Because the strap savers need to be tighter around rounder straps to stay on, you have to be careful when removing them as well as installing them on the strap, especially if you’re dealing with a delicate fabric like silk. With the rounder straps I flatten them a bit with my nails so they slide into the strap saver without catching at the fabric.

Overall, I’m so glad I had the opportunity to try out and review this product for you guys. I’m sure there are a lot of you out there with the very same problem, and I hope this gives you a viable solution for all of those sexy camis that are just a bit too sexy.

Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk Review

So I’ve had the Glossier Cloud Paint (first impressions here) and the Glossier Skin Tint (first impressions here and final review here) for a good three months now and have tested it enough to give you guys some good feedback and my final opinion on this blush!



The Cloud Paint is shipped in a cute plastic box lined in foil. The tube itself is reminiscent of the old aluminum foil toothpaste tubes or the tiny paint tubes you see professional artists using. Very chic, very French. However, aesthetics aside, the tube isn’t very good at dispensing product. Very often too much product squirts out and I have to store it in a small sample container so as not to waste it. This stuff is really pigmented so you shouldn’t be using more than a tiny, tiny dollop.


The Cloud Paint comes in four shades, but I picked up just one to start with: Dusk. It’s a mauvey brown shade that a lot of other brown girls (I'm a MAC NC40 for reference) have raved about on youtube, so I decided to give it a try. It’s definitely not a color that I would’ve naturally gravitated to/thought would look good on my skin tone. I was pleasantly surprised, however, when I saw how seamlessly and beautifully it blended into my skin. I truly do think that all of the shades will work on any skin tone (except maybe very dark skin, I’m not sure if they’d show up as some darker women have complained about this in their reviews). Granted, some would probably be more flattering than others, but none will look unnatural, which is no small feat, as blush is a particularly subjective makeup product. The paint is interesting because it’s highly pigmented, but sheer at the same time, allowing your skin to come through so that the shade looks natural, like a flush. I definitely want to pick up puff, a dollish baby pink, and see if I can pull that off (that would definitely be the true test of versatility as I’ve never found a shade of bright pink that suits me).


This stuff is super pigmented, so you have to be extremely careful. It’s far more potent than a tint (like Benetint) is, and once it sets it’s not budging. I will say it’s easy to blend as long as you don’t wait for it to set, and it is very buildable. Even when you overdo it, it looks natural, but less like a flush and more like you’ve come back from a long run. You need scarcely any for both cheeks. Just be careful with the pressure you put on the tube, as you can see below, it just suddenly skirts out a ton of product. 


Like I said, you have to try this out a few times and figure out exactly how much product you like and how strong you want your blush to be. It builds beautifully so I’d suggest starting out with less than you think you need and patting more in as you go. I usually put a tiny dollop on my fingertips, rub them together, and then gently pat onto my cheek. Don’t stand too close to the mirror because this blends in deceptively well and you won’t realize you’ve applied too much until you move farther away and see your entire face. If you’ve applied too much or haven’t blended it well, don’t worry; you can use a beauty blender to blend the edges out. Just don’t wait too long because once it sets it becomes a stain (i.e. it doesn’t budge).

*You can see how it blends into almost nothing. You can't see the end pigment very well in this video (scroll down to see the swatch on my wrist) because my hands are a bit veiny, but I put this up to show you how much product you should start off with.


As I said, it blends really well but there are exceptions. I found that there are certain foundations (like my Covergirl Matte BB) that it looks patchy with. The patchiness did settle down after thirty minutes, and the blush started melding with the base, but it is something to think about if you don’t want to deal with that wait time. I haven’t had this issue when using it in conjunction with the Glossier Skin Tint or my Urban Decay foundation.


This is my biggest gripe with the product. It doesn't last on oily skin, especially in humidity! I get a good three to four hours of wear (a little longer if I use primer) and thats it. There's but a faint trace of pigment left. The pattern of fading is probably its saving grace: it barely fades the first two to three hours and only in the last hour of wear do I really see major deterioration. I believe this is because it takes a critical mass of oil to accumulate for the fading to really start. The fade isn't ugly, its graceful, and never looks splotchy. Setting with a translucent powder makes a significant difference in wear time, and gives me an extra one to one and a half hours. In fact, I've taken to layering this with  other powder blushes and it's worked marvellously. The longevity of the combo surpasses either blush worn separately, and it looks far more natural than a powder blush alone. Interestingly enough, despite the disappointing wear time, I do think this may be somewhat water resistant. I tried washing a wrist swatch off with soap and it barely faded! Don't quote me on that though, I haven't done a swim test!


I’ve used this on my eyelids in a pinch, when I just couldn’t be bothered or didn’t have the time to wear eye shadow. It leaves a beautiful stain and blends well with no creasing. I love using it like this because wearing a common color on your cheeks and lids pulls your makeup together, no matter what lipstick you’re wearing. It’s foolproof! I tried it on my lips, but to be fair, the color is just too similar to my natural lip color to show up. However, I do think that if you bought a color like haze, a deep berry, you could use it as a lip stain as well. If you're fair, then you could even use the dusk shade as a subtle contour, since it's a mauvey brown!


I haven’t tried this myself, but I’ve seen many people, including friends, mix different shades of cloud paint together infallibly. You can’t mess it up, which is crazy to me. All of the shades play well together so you can create your own custom shade! If you have all of the shades you can theoretically create 24 different blushes!


Everyone. Unlike the Skin Tint it doesn’t seem to be affected by the kind of skin you have. My friends who are on the drier side seem to love it as much as I do!


I’d never leave out this column when it comes to Glossier because their products are so damn tiny. BUT, Because of how little product you need/should be using, I can see the Cloud Paint lasting me a very, very long time. It’s far more annoying to have a large pan of something that requires some elbow grease to build up. So is this worth the price? I think so. Would I buy it again? For now, yes. I'd prefer something that lasts longer than this did, but until I find a blush that blends in as effortlessly and looks as natural, i'll stick to it. 
Price: $18


Yes, Glossier stole my heart the moment I set eyes on the eponymous Victorian ‘G’ and their cool girl packaging. I will admit, part of me does aspire to espouse the cool girl look/spirit that Glossier’s models exude, and that Glossier promises you can have too with their products. Though I've never managed to look as effortlessly flawless as their models, I do look effortlessly put together. The products do what they claim to and are dependable. They don’t require much work once you’ve mastered their application, and they really are the most natural looking products I’ve come across. So whether you’ve been enchanted by the Glossier cool girl, or you’re just looking to make your routine a little lighter, Glossier’s products will definitely earn a small place in your heart, and a larger one in your wallet.  

Grana Review || Silk Culottes



No major gripes with this purchase. When I first bought it, the waist was a bit loose (I’ve gained a decent amount of weight since then), so for someone who is on the very petite side and usually gets a 00 this may be an issue. It doesn’t fall off, but it doesn’t sit as high as it should. Other than that, this is a beautiful staple, and has been a hard worker in my closet.
Note: I’ve linked the product and a referral code for 10% off below, at the end of the review. __________________________________________________________


Double layered 22 mm, "Silk Georgette Satin". The double layer in this extends throughout the length of the pant, unlike in the V neck slip dress. They’ve named the silk “georgette satin” but I would say the proper term is a charmeuse silk. Compared to the crepe de chine, which is a little grainy and velvety, this has a smooth, reflective surface ie satiny. It’s also a huge step up in quality (22 mm vs 16mm ) from the crepe de chine.


The color is true to the description: Mulberry. It’s a deep berry color that shows off the silk’s light reflective properties. I wore this throughout my Fall 10x10 and found the color to be quite versatile.

| CUT |

Waist The waist is elasticized all around, I’m presuming, so that they get the most out of the sizes they carry. I generally don’t like elasticized waists because I feel like they bunch up and can be bulky, and this wasit is no different. It’s not a deal breaker, but I prefer fitted tops and crops paired with this, rather than looser shirts so my waist doesn’t get lost. This was the main reason I didn’t buy their silk ankle pants (they have a new flat front ankle pant that only has elastic in the back, so I might check that out).

Length: On me, the pants end just above my ankle. Not quite culottes, more wide legged cropped pants (I’m 5’0 for reference). I don’t mind that silhouette so I haven’t tailored them, but it’s a simple hemming job if you’re my height and want a true culotte.

Leg Opening: This is quite wide on me, wider than it is on the taller models and bloggers that have reviewed them. Again, I’m ok with this, but it’s going to be a more boho culotte than a fitted one. I don’t think this would be an easy alteration if you did want to take the sides in because of the elasticized waist, so if you want something more streamlined and you’re my size, avoid this.



On my frame, these are true wide legged cropped pants. Any wider and I don’t think it would look appropriate on my frame, so good on them for sizing such that people as small as me are included. If you’re taller, this should hit you mid calf, like it does on the models and other taller bloggers. It will also look a bit more streamlined on you. Just two different looks, nothing bad about either of them, but something to think about if you have a specific style in mind.


This is a pretty fuss free style so there isn’t much to speak of in this department. Only one thing really comes to mind: the slanted pockets. I absolutely abhor horizontal pockets because they make you look wider, and these clean angled pockets are perfect to offset the voluminous silhouette.


| FIT |

The waist will probably be a tad loose on true 00 petites. It’ll sit a little lower on your waist as a result (mid rise vs high rise). I’ve moved up a size currently so I don’t have an issue with this. Reviews say that the sizing is the same as the original "all around elastic" ankle pants, so if you already own that, buy the same size in this.

My measurements as of now: 32-23.5-33. I’d say I’m hourglass with relatively broad shoulders and a broad torso. I carry most of my weight in my thighs and bum. Height is: 5’0.

| MEASUREMENTS | (in inches):

Waist: 22

Inseam: 23

Outseam: 34 3/4

Front Rise: 12

Back rise: 15.5

Hips: 34 1/2

Thigh: 22

Leg opening: 20 3/4

*Grana gives measurements on their site as well, for further reference.

Click this link for an image to help you understand how I took the measurements



I got these culottes in the summer sale for 70% off, but the original pricing is : $99. Do I think these are worth the original price tag? Honestly, if I had to purchase it for that much initially, I would have definitely thought twice, and might have returned it because of the elasticized waist being a bit bulky.

BUT, having worn it around for a while and included it into my Fall 10x10, (you can check out ways I’ve styled it here in my Fall 10x10 series), it’s become one of my favorite staples. Goes to show, you can’t judge anything too quickly. So, yes, I would definitely repurchase in a different color. It’s a beautifully made, versatile staple, and the silk quality for this price is unparalleled. My crepe de chine dress was around the same price, and the silk on this is an improvement.


I have a 10% Discount if you want to pick up any pieces from Grana. Just use this link , create an account, and you’ll get a 10% discount on checkout. This is only applicable to first time customers who are creating a new account though.

Product link is here :I bought the culottes in a XXS, in the mulberry color

Glossier Skin Tint Review

Ever since Glossier came out with their makeup, I’ve been desperate to get my hands on the products. I don’t know if it’s my obsession with Into the Gloss, the cool girl, effortless chic ethos the adverts exude, or their skin first mantra, but I couldn’t wait to try out their products.

Since I started my new skincare regime, my skin has been treating me far better than normal, and I’m starting to prefer easy fuss free makeup. Gone is the girl that would spend an hour contouring, shading, powdering. It’s a 5 minute deal now at most.

But spot concealing without a base always LOOKS like makeup. The concealer never really seems to blend into skin seamlessly without at least a light base on. Up close it just ends up looking like splotches of makeup dotted haphazardly across my face. NOT a good look.So when I saw the skin tint, I had to grab it (along with Cloud Paint in dusk, reviewed here) It seemed like the perfect sheer base to even out my skin tone and layer under concealer. Read on to see if it passed the test!

* At the end of the review, I’ve added details on the kind of skin I have, as well as what I look for in a base to help give more context to my observations*

1. PACKAGING: | 4/10

The bottle is very aesthetically pleasing: minimalistic but cool girl at the same time. I could definitely see this in a French pharmacy. The cap screws on tightly so it doesn’t leak in your makeup bag, and its small size makes it uber portable for on the go touchups. My only gripe is that once you’ve used a bit of the bottle, you have to use some force to squeeze out the product, despite its liquidiness.

Another great thing about the packaging is that there aren’t any paper labels so the bottle doesn’t get stained with makeup marks and look dirty!

2. SHADES | 4.5/5

They have 5 shades: Light, Medium, Dark, Deep, and Rich.

Honestly, I think the names are a bit misleading since “dark” is what other brands would probably call a medium tan.

Anyhoo, I was definitely skeptical about the limited shade range when I first picked it up, but I will say that the product stays true to the claim that it “adapts” to your skin tone. The product is so sheer that enough skin shows through for the slight shade difference not to matter. Having said this, I have seen complaints that shade tones can be too yellow/pink, something I definitely can see affecting how “adaptable” the shades are.

3. COVERAGE | 5/5

This has as much coverage as they claim (or warn) it will. After all of the negative reviews saying it’s tantamount to nothing, I was pleasantly surprised.

It’s like a subtle tint over your face that blurs uneven skin tone, and subtly lightens marks on your face. Nothing less, nothing more.

If you’re the kind of person that hates concealer and likes a flawless face, or loves “the glam look” this isn’t for you. It’s a great option for people who want to throw something on when they otherwise wouldn’t have, not an alternative for heavier skin tints like the It Cosmetics CC cream.


This tint grabs onto dry skin and uneven surfaces, so it’s important you start with a well-exfoliated face.I had to physically exfoliate with a scrub in addition to my normal chemical exfoliants (AHAS and BHAS) to make sure I had a smooth surface.

This is definitely contrary to their claims that it’s a slap on kind of tint. It’s only a slap on kind of tint if you have perfect skin/take really good care of your skin. I followed up with a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid and let that absorb into my skin for five minutes before applying the tint. This made all the difference in giving me the smoothest finish possible.

Guys, I know it’s marketed as “hydrating” but other than the dewy finish, it doesn’t do much for the skin underneath. The reason being, glycerin sits on your skin and pulls water in or out depending on the climate. If the climate is dry, the glycerin is going to pull the water right out of your skin and dehydrate it. You’ll be the worst combination of oily with dry skin, so make sure you moisturize well before using the tint.


The tint is pretty unique in texture, so it takes some trial and error to get the perfect method down.

After some experimenting, I found the sweet spot to be two sheer layers with just enough tint to cover the face each time and 30 seconds of dry time in between. Adding too much at once just makes the tint streak and take forever to settle in.

I apply by squeezing straight onto my face. Don’t put it on the back of your hand or in your palms because a lot of the product just absorbs into your skin.

Then I’ll smooth the tint out with my fingers to create an even layer.

If there are any streaky areas, I just pick up my stippling brush and push the tint into my skin. This usually solves the issue.

I wouldn’t recommend buffing because it tends to lift up dry skin that the tint will cling to.

Overall, it’s easy enough application if you prep well, but I wouldn’t say it’s foolproof.



Ahhhh, the big question. Many of us who like heavier coverage have been asking how this works to sheer out heavy duty foundations and under heavy concealers. Here’s what I found:


The tint is absolutely gorgeous when used in conjugation with a heavier concealer (for those of us who have spottier skin). However, I did notice, that not all concealers play well with this foundation.
I found that waterier concealers (like my Tarte Rainforest of the Sea concealer) that dried down to a matte or semi matte finish, weirdly crusted over the tint. The same went for the UD foundation I tried to spot conceal with. It looked great from afar, but up close it was a mess. I salvaged the look by attacking the crusty spots with a beauty blender, but it was a ridiculous amount of effort.

What it did play well with were creamier concealers, even if they set to demi matte finishes. I don’t understand why this is, but it worked well with my Kryolan dermoflauge concealers, which are creams that set to a demi matte finish. So, I’d recommend pairing this tint with the glossier stretch concealer (I avoided this because coconut oil breaks me out) or any other creamy concealer of your choice.

|| MIXING ||

a) With A Matte BB

I’ve been pretty loyal to my Covergirl Matte BB for everyday looks. It’s actually less of a BB and more of a light-medium coverage foundation, but it’s one of the only BBs that doesn’t leave me an oily, patchy mess at the end of the day. My skin has been unusually well behaved of late so I decided to try and sheer it out with the tint for a no makeup look. Initially it looked a little dry and patchy in areas, but within 10 minutes it had settled down into a beautiful demi matte finish. I didn’t notice any adverse affects on longevity, and I was only mildly dewier by the end of the day (mind you dewy NOT oily). So that was Success #1

b) With a Primer:

This was a fail from the get go. This tint is so sheer, by adding a colorless pigment aka primer, you’re basically sheering this out to nothing. Mixing foundation and primer is still a great way for me to be able to slap on higher coverage foundation while sheering it out and priming simultaneously, but I won’t be using this technique with my skin tint anymore.

c) With a Demi Matte Medium Coverage Foundation:

Dior Forever Flawless Foundation was my first expensive base, and coming from Mac to this, it was a major step up I didn’t look like I was wearing theatre makeup, and it didn’t have the horrible flashback my Mac foundation did). I don’t use it much anymore because of the scent, but in a pinch, it’s a great foundation to use and have in my arsenal. I decided to sheer this out with my skin tint for a high coverage bb like base and it worked beautifully, no separation and no excessive oiliness. The wear time was slightly less than my normal Dior Forever wear time, but not by much. It also looked far more natural than the Dior, despite providing coverage only slightly less than that of my Dior when worn alone. Success #2

d) With a Matte Full coverage foundation:

I used my holy grain full coverage foundation, the Urban Decay All Nighter, for this test. This was definitely my favorite of all the blends I tried out. I generally have an issue with the UD taking some time to melt into my skin (it looks a bit porcelain-like for the first 15 to 20 minutes). With the skin tint mixed in, I didn’t have to wait for that beautiful natural finish. The coverage was a step down from my Urban Decay, (on par with my Dior Forever) but the finish was so much more natural and flawless than my Dior. Another gripe I usually have with the UD is that I have to prime my nose because it tends to sink into my nose pores and accentuate them. With the skin tint mixed in, it lay beautifully on my nose, with no sinking. The mix wore well throughout the night (I have had issues with the UD foundation separating when used in conjunction with certain primers and mixed with other foundations). I don’t even think I was noticeably oilier by the end of the night! Success #3 for sure, this is going to be my go to night out base!



On its own this bad boy lasts on my skin for 4-5 hours. Not bad for someone who gets only slightly longer wear time from supposedly oily girl friendly foundations (ehem Tarte Amazonian Clay Bb tinted moisturizer).

With a primer, and a mid day powder touch up I get a good 3 hours tacked on to the initial wear time.

One of the best things about this tint is that it’s so sheer, it fades imperceptibly, uniformly, and gracefully. You can’t really point out specific patches where the makeup has rubbed off unlike heavier foundations.


I didn’t feel like I got uncomfortably oily till the fag end of the day. In fact, I wouldn’t call this an oily base at all. It’s more of a demi matte finish, and I can see people with drier skin needing to seriously moisturize before wearing this. The subtle glow is counter-intuitively, great for oily skinned people since most of us have acne scars and textural issues as well. The glow blurs these out without the need to bring out the war paint. I don’t mind if my scars peek through because the overall effect, especially at a average interpersonal distance is healthy, beautiful, even skin.


Those with normal to mildly oily skin, no questions asked. If you have oily skin you can definitely make this work with a hard working primer and some powder, and for those with mildly dry skin, a good bit of exfoliation and moisturizer should make this workable.

The only people I would not recommend this to are those with SUPER DRY SKIN. I emphasize this because I think there’s a huge misconception about dewiness being the same as moisturizing. It’s not.

As a person with oily skin, I felt the need to moisturize beforehand, not only for smooth application, but because my skin felt dry and tight with just this on.


You get 1floz/30ml in a bottle for 26 dollars.

This doesn’t seem horrible considering my Dior Forever foundation is twice as expensive with the same amount of product (that glass bottle packaging really is deceiving).

Considering how little you should (and can) use each application, this bottle should last you quite a while. And for this reason, I think that it’s definitely worth the price listed.

Overall thoughts:

This tint did exactly what I wanted it to do and more. It gave me a quick and easy way to slap on some makeup for errands, or for the one off coffee/dinner date. It’s hard enough to drag myself out of pajamas and away from my books, and makeup just feels like too much of a luxury to spend time on.


1. Oily all over, with one or two small isolated dry, rough spots thanks to tretinoin.

2. Acne prone: just pustules thankfully not cystic. Initially concentrated on one half of my face they spread to the other last year. I’ve been keeping them at bay with a strict skincare regimen (saving this for a later post).

3. Acne scarring and discoloration: When I scar, the scars are DARK. Thankfully, my skin tends to recover from scarring fairly quickly *knock on wood*, but the scars never fully fade. In addition I have an uneven skin tone, bettered by good skincare, but nowhere near porcelain.

4. Pores: I have fairly large pores that stretch from my nose area well into my cheeks. I use the benefit porefessional primer on occasion, but the silicone heavy formula breaks me out, so it’s only used when absolutely necessary.

5. Peach Fuzz: I have a good smattering of peach fuzz pretty much all over my face. I’m planning on getting it lasered off eventually. Anyone who has had this done before, I’d love to hear your experiences/advice before taking the plunge.


1. Longevity: Finding a light/semi sheer base for no-makeup makeup that doesn’t slide off or make you oily is a struggle for me. Tints and sheers are just not made for women with oily skin.

2. Effortless: Ok, this one is primarily thanks to Glossier and their claim that the base can be smoothed on with hands in a blasé manner like their cool girl models. If this is true, it’s an exciting proposition to be able to smooth on a base, like moisturizer, while grabbing your keys and coffee on your way out. Reviewers have Conflicting opinions on this one though

3. Decent Coverage: I have plenty of acne scarring, so while I’m ok having to conceal, I do want my base to at least camouflage the scars a little bit

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