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5 Days 1 Dress: The Long Lost Olsen Triplet

A Flowy top over Flowier pants...can the vibes and feels flow more freely? *cue Pharell and Mr. Harris*

Stay centered with your inner boho chic trust fund flower child in this lewk. For optimal posing, say prune ala the Olsen twins, for the perfect pout. Outfit is best worn with a simple day heel, later swapped out for 'night out disco heels'.
TOP: GRANA SILK MINI V NECK SLIP DRESS IN BLACK: (currently unavailable in this
length so I've included a link to another similar length silk dress)

BOTTOM: ASOS petite (old) altered to fit

Shoes: Steve Madden Sillly in blush patent

Earrings: local artisan

Bag: Paco rabanne (hand me down from mama)

P.S. if you like this silk slip dress,  you can use my referral link to get 10% off your first order! (everyone gets these after an order, so you too can give others discount happiness)

Styling Notes:

I think this outfit looks best when your heels are barely peeking out from under your pants. I've styled the outfit with my fave sequinned gold disco heels, as well as a basic neutral pair, and looking back, I wish the disco heels were a little shorter.

For all those with limbs that are less than modelesque, I would definitely suggest pairing your dress with a similar/same toned pant to elongate your silhouette. When I tried to color block, the outfit cut me off at an awkward length. In any case, monotone is coming back with a vengeance, just check out Gigi hadid's recent looks. (protip, if you want to stalk her wardrobe with links to products, is pure gold). 

Make sure your hem is either at knee, below knee, or super mini (the kind that looks more t shirt, less dress). The in between length is awkward and doesn't fall or flow well. 


The best thing about this outfit is it lends itself to any crazy lewk/trend/or style. Accessorize with unicorns, minimalism, or a huge tapestry-come coverup to fit right into the Olsen clan. 

5 Days 1 Dress: The Fashion Girl Picknicker

Bag: Duffle Sling Back from Risa
Shirt: Tie front crop top,  H and M (old)
Shoes: Vans Checkerboard Slip On
Dress: Black Silk Mini V neck Slip Dress from Grana (Size xxs)

For those hot sticky summer days when all you want to do is eat a popsicle under the hot son, barefoot, toes rumpling the even layer of soil under them, kicking up the scent of baked earth and fresh grass. 

Keep stray hairs at bay with a makeshift paisley bandana, and comfy checkered slip ons you can kick off as quickly as you slip on. A loose, barely there tie front crop to shield your dress from dribbles of red popsicle juice and you're ready to go. 

This dress is perfect for a casual summer/transition season look. The silk stays warm in the cold and cool in the heat. 

Styling Notes: 

1. I prefer a tie front crop, or a crop with an elasticated waist to help cinch things in
2. Off shoulder crop tops with elasticated waists and bandeau tops would work great as a replacement for the white top in this look. 
3.  Creepers or flatforms would make this look grungier yet still very casual. 
4. I would have preferred a mini leather backpack to my small duffle sling, but am waiting to invest in the perfect one. If you have any suggestions please comment below

P.S. if you like this silk slip dress,  you can use my referral link to get 10% off your first order! (everyone gets these after making a purchase, so you too can spread the discount happiness)



ME TRYING TO LOOK TALL AND IMPOSING (Im 5 foot nothing and proud!)

5 days 1 Dress: The Miranda


  • The monochrome look is elegant and on trend (check out all the monochrome looks from fashion week). 

  • A body hugging crop top is essential, because the dress has no real shape of its own. It provides some lady like structure up top, and adds some womanly curves to the A line silhouette. The waist definition is much needed on my petite frame, which, in addition to the crop length elongates my lower half. 

  • If you're taller you may be able to pull off a looser crop top or a longer top, but I found both styles to overwhelm my petite frame.
P.S. if you like this silk slip dress,  you can use my referral link to get 10% off your first order! (everyone gets these after making a purchase) For an overview of what this series is about, check out my last post!
1. Crop Top from Forever New (old and not sustainable/ethical)
2. Bag from Meli Melo Kiki Tote ( no longer available, not sustainable/ethical, but a quality piece that will hopefully prevent me from wastefully buying other, not so great, fast fashion bags)
3. Shoes: Steve Madden (old, not ethical or sustainable)
4. Grana Silk Mini V neck Slip Dress in Black


Ignore the bad dancing and watch the fabric floooow: Great dress for a party!


5 Days 1 Dress: How to Avoid Laundry and Still Look Fresh

I'm 5 minutes later than fashionably late to a party, hair still sopping wet, and makeup only half done, wet strands dripping dangerously close to non waterproof foundation and mascara and as  usual I have zero idea as to what to wear. I've gone through the motions with the ritualistic perfunctory Insta, Pinterest prep, checked in with the girls on Whatsapp, and yet I STILL have no clue. I blame my dad and his indecisiveness, and my friends for always looking irritatingly perfectly imperfect, like a member of  the Man Repeller team, and my boyfriend whose only reply to wardrobe related questions is a shrug and a "you always look beautiful to me" (MEN, be helpful or say nothing at all).  

"This is the problem with a closet chock full of impulse buys: statement pieces, and flamboyant on trend dresses are never quite the same once seen. And GOD FORBID they're photographed."

Any hard evidence and these dresses are banished to the nether regions of the "never wear again unless you get new friends" pile. 

"So what is a girl to do? "

Invest in a blank slate. Preferably a dress, always the underrated yet hardworking workhorse of a closet. It can double as a one stop lewk or an elaborate affair depending on your state of mind and preferred state of dress (fully or barely clothed). My blank slate is a silk mini v neck slip dress from Grana, a black silky thing, demure and sexy all at the same time. When in doubt, this little number saves the day, layered under or over piles of clothing/jewelry or both, it can be many things all at once. It's knee grazing length is conservative enough for a dinner party with the SO's parents, while it's cheeky slits make it more sexy confident woman,  less matronly- I dress like his mother. 

Here's a peek at 5 ways I dressed it up and down, photographed in every angle possible, those you can and can't see for yourself (your neck will thank me).

Basic blank slate:

Black silk mini v neck slip dress specifically this one from Grana

5 ways I style it over and under clothing for very specific scenarios

1. The Miranda : 
Conservative yet sexy for the days I feel like boss lady Miranda (SATC reference for non millennials) running from her law firm to meet a hot investment banker date somewhere uptown. 

2. The Fashion Girl Picnicker: 

Makeshift bandana hairband to tame those frizzy hairsss, teamed with a pair of Vans and a crisp white shirt for all those style mavens roughing it in the outdoors.

3. The Long Lost Olsen Triplet

Flowy top over flowier pants..can the vibes and feels flow any more freely? I think not. Stay centred with your inner boho chic trust fund flower child.

4. Modern Day Wednesday Addams: 

A ruffly, feminine, printed sheer blouse under a silk slip dress. Girly and flirtatious, there is nothing childish or morbid about this.

5.  The French Girl with Baguette minus the baguette

 A delicate sparkly headband, classic black and white stripes, and soft leather brogues. This look is classic but not cliched for the Jeanne Damas in all of us.

P.S. By the way, if you like this dress,  you can use this referral link to get 10% off your first order! 

This Month in an Infographic

Stay tuned for a silk dress in review,  multiple lewks, and a new perspective on an old favourite: the Glossier skin tint !

P.S. if you like this silk slip dress,  you can use my referral link to get 10% off your first order! (everyone gets these after making a purchase, so you too can spread the discount happiness)

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WHAT IS BROWS FOR BREAKFAST?____________________________________________________________

This account is a direct reflection of myself: 

"one part nerd, one part conscientious fashion felon (I break aaaalll the rules)."

This is not to say that everything I buy or wear is socially conscious, ethically made, and quality driven, but I’ve made an attempt to steer clear of impulse buys and become an informed shopper. 
If I’m going to buy crap I want to know that it’s crap and participate in it willingly (this does not happen nearly as often as it did before my sartorial enlightenment, I assure you). Likewise, I enjoy buying pieces I believe will last the test of time and my own sartorial caprice. 




I like to research materials and workmanship details, apply said research to buying one or two pieces I hope to wear forever, and review said pieces for others like me who hate buying crap and don’t like living on ramen to fund sartorial choices. 
Here's a quick breakdown of what you can expect to see here:

3. DETAILED REVIEWS (including):
  • MEASUREMENTS from the brand site as well as measurements I have taken 
  • WEARABILITY i.e. whether the clothing is universally inner wear friendly, whether you can bend without flashing, and whether the outfit feels like a torture chamber vs a hygge cocoon. 
  • VERSATILITY: how many ways you can wear the piece
I’m petite (5 foot everything) . My reviews will generally include pieces with petite friendly sizing. Please help me too and send me your suggestions for petite brands. You can contact me here.




It all began quite a pot set to a slow interest that spiralled into a small obsession.

"I say obsession not addiction, because growing up around the endless consumption of the late nineties and early aughts, peaking with the influencer led fashion conglomerate conspiracy, I know very well the feeling of a slow sprung addiction. "

Though I never had egregious spending habits, and I consciously rebelled against the idea of trend slavery, I never felt satisfied with what I had. Every morning was riddled with sartorial anxiety…I had everything and not enough at the same time. 
Remember that pot set to slow boil, that was my life,  and like anything avoided and unattended for long enough, it'll eventually boil over and burn you. Either the emotional, or literal baggage, eventually caught up to me and I knew I had to make changes.With a lot of purposeful, maybe emotional editing, I Mary Kondo-ed my life and closet. 

"While throwing "stuff" out I managed to gain, in exchange, quite a bit of "knowledge"...funny how when you throw out the useless the useful has room to fill its place. "

So here I am to share, and help others who are on the same journey as I uncluttered closet to and uncluttered mind.

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