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5 Days 1 Dress: How to Avoid Laundry and Still Look Fresh

I'm 5 minutes later than fashionably late to a party, hair still sopping wet, and makeup only half done, wet strands dripping dangerously close to non waterproof foundation and mascara and as  usual I have zero idea as to what to wear. I've gone through the motions with the ritualistic perfunctory Insta, Pinterest prep, checked in with the girls on Whatsapp, and yet I STILL have no clue. I blame my dad and his indecisiveness, and my friends for always looking irritatingly perfectly imperfect, like a member of  the Man Repeller team, and my boyfriend whose only reply to wardrobe related questions is a shrug and a "you always look beautiful to me" (MEN, be helpful or say nothing at all).  

"This is the problem with a closet chock full of impulse buys: statement pieces, and flamboyant on trend dresses are never quite the same once seen. And GOD FORBID they're photographed."

Any hard evidence and these dresses are banished to the nether regions of the "never wear again unless you get new friends" pile. 

"So what is a girl to do? "

Invest in a blank slate. Preferably a dress, always the underrated yet hardworking workhorse of a closet. It can double as a one stop lewk or an elaborate affair depending on your state of mind and preferred state of dress (fully or barely clothed). My blank slate is a silk mini v neck slip dress from Grana, a black silky thing, demure and sexy all at the same time. When in doubt, this little number saves the day, layered under or over piles of clothing/jewelry or both, it can be many things all at once. It's knee grazing length is conservative enough for a dinner party with the SO's parents, while it's cheeky slits make it more sexy confident woman,  less matronly- I dress like his mother. 

Here's a peek at 5 ways I dressed it up and down, photographed in every angle possible, those you can and can't see for yourself (your neck will thank me).

Basic blank slate:

Black silk mini v neck slip dress specifically this one from Grana

5 ways I style it over and under clothing for very specific scenarios

1. The Miranda : 
Conservative yet sexy for the days I feel like boss lady Miranda (SATC reference for non millennials) running from her law firm to meet a hot investment banker date somewhere uptown. 

2. The Fashion Girl Picnicker: 

Makeshift bandana hairband to tame those frizzy hairsss, teamed with a pair of Vans and a crisp white shirt for all those style mavens roughing it in the outdoors.

3. The Long Lost Olsen Triplet

Flowy top over flowier pants..can the vibes and feels flow any more freely? I think not. Stay centred with your inner boho chic trust fund flower child.

4. Modern Day Wednesday Addams: 

A ruffly, feminine, printed sheer blouse under a silk slip dress. Girly and flirtatious, there is nothing childish or morbid about this.

5.  The French Girl with Baguette minus the baguette

 A delicate sparkly headband, classic black and white stripes, and soft leather brogues. This look is classic but not cliched for the Jeanne Damas in all of us.

P.S. By the way, if you like this dress,  you can use this referral link to get 10% off your first order! 

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