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5 Days 1 Dress: The Long Lost Olsen Triplet

A Flowy top over Flowier pants...can the vibes and feels flow more freely? *cue Pharell and Mr. Harris*

Stay centered with your inner boho chic trust fund flower child in this lewk. For optimal posing, say prune ala the Olsen twins, for the perfect pout. Outfit is best worn with a simple day heel, later swapped out for 'night out disco heels'.
TOP: GRANA SILK MINI V NECK SLIP DRESS IN BLACK: (currently unavailable in this
length so I've included a link to another similar length silk dress)

BOTTOM: ASOS petite (old) altered to fit

Shoes: Steve Madden Sillly in blush patent

Earrings: local artisan

Bag: Paco rabanne (hand me down from mama)

P.S. if you like this silk slip dress,  you can use my referral link to get 10% off your first order! (everyone gets these after an order, so you too can give others discount happiness)

Styling Notes:

I think this outfit looks best when your heels are barely peeking out from under your pants. I've styled the outfit with my fave sequinned gold disco heels, as well as a basic neutral pair, and looking back, I wish the disco heels were a little shorter.

For all those with limbs that are less than modelesque, I would definitely suggest pairing your dress with a similar/same toned pant to elongate your silhouette. When I tried to color block, the outfit cut me off at an awkward length. In any case, monotone is coming back with a vengeance, just check out Gigi hadid's recent looks. (protip, if you want to stalk her wardrobe with links to products, is pure gold). 

Make sure your hem is either at knee, below knee, or super mini (the kind that looks more t shirt, less dress). The in between length is awkward and doesn't fall or flow well. 


The best thing about this outfit is it lends itself to any crazy lewk/trend/or style. Accessorize with unicorns, minimalism, or a huge tapestry-come coverup to fit right into the Olsen clan. 

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