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Fall 10x10 recap

The fall 10x10 challenge has finally come to a close, and it is truly bittersweet. It was challenging and at times frustrating, but worthwhile, and I’ve gained some wonderful clarity about where I’d like my closet to go. Here’s a little recap of how this challenge went including:

1.     My Looks
2.     Style Takeaways 
4.     My Gaps list (gaps in my closet the challenge revealed)
5.     My Never Again list (Things I should avoid aka never buy again)

For those not familiar with the Fall 10x10: It’s a challenge that involves picking out 10 pieces from your closet (including shoes) and wearing only these items for 10 days. There are many variations and adaptations of this challenge you can try (I chose to use my 2 shoe slots as wildcards and whichever shoes I liked into rotation) to suit your needs. For more ideas and specific guidelines check out Style Bee’s 10x10 post. The goal is to learn what in your closet is working for you, and new ways in which to style these pieces.



After taking part in this challenge, I would wholeheartedly encourage anyone interested in making the most of their closet/reinventing their style to give it a try! It not only helps you refine your style, it gives you specifics on what kinds of pieces fit in your closet and what don’t. At the end of this challenge, I feel like I have more not less, and I’m far more satisfied with what I have than I was before.
Apart from the obvious, I must say, that this isn’t just a challenge, it’s a beautiful community, of beautiful people, who are inspiring, uplifting, and encouraging. The feedback, the honest, answers, and the sense that you’re part of something bigger is uplifting. If ever you decide to streamline your closet, this is a great way to give yourself a kickstart!
It’s like having thousands of stylists around the world give you input on even the minutest things, and the most trivial questions!
A big thanks to Lee Vosburgh of Style Bee and Caroline Joy Rector of Un-Fancy for hosting this challenge! I thoroughly enjoyed it!


Now to the meat of this post

Well technically 8 with a bunch of shoes, but hey who’s keeping count?

01| PIMA MODAL TANK - mulberry | GRANA | 50% Peruvian pima + 50% Australian Modal | I’m a  size XXS (my measurements are below for referral)|  You can use this referral link to get 10% off  your first order

02| SILK CAMISOLE - black | KANSO (this company sadly no longer exist but you can get something similar here) | crepe de chine | Size XS

03| SILK CULOTTES mulberry | GRANA | 22 mm silk georgette satin | I’m a size XXS (roomy on me, and the waist is a tad bit big,  so it sits a little lower than I would like) | Review coming soon | You can use this referral link to get 10% off  your first order

04| TEXTURED ELASTIC PONTE LEGGING – black | TOPSHOP | 74% viscose, 22% polyamide, 4% elastane | I bought these long ago hence the not great quality (see materials). For a higher quality option check out the Ponte pants from Grana | I wear a size 4 in the regular size and its snug, with a little bunching at the bottom. Available in petite sizes as well |

05| JEANS – midrise, relaxed cut, distressed | ZARA| 98% cotton, 2% elastane | I wear a US size 2 and it’s a snug fit |

06| WORSTED WOOL BOMBER – black and grey | GRANA | 98% virgin wool (super 120s Italian merino wool),  2% lycra | This is no longer available but they have a silk version in georgette satin as well as a recycled polyester version. Everlane has some great bombers as well| I wear a size XXS

07| SILK BUTTON DOWN DRESSblack | GRANA | 16mm Crepe de Chine | no longer available | similar here | I wear a size XXS

08| MIDI TANK DRESS – black | ZARA | I wear a size XS | Old, though you can find a similar dress, of better quality from Everlane here

My measurements as of now: 32-24.5-31. I’d say I’m hourglass with relatively broad shoulders and a broad torso. I carry most of my weight in my thighs and bum.

Height is: 5’0.


There are a few extra, because of Day to Night transitions (no real outfit changes, just changes in accessories).



1.    Undergarments are Very Important: 
      Investing in bras with interesting straps, with lace, and other interesting details is of value to me as it can make something basic a “pop piece”.

2.   I depend  heavily on Outerwear for Day to Night and Casual to Dressy transitions, so I plan on investing in more varied options.

3.    My Style is firmly classic. 
      My ripped jeans are a clear example of how my style has evolved. Such extreme distressing just isn’t my style any more and while I love the cut of the jeans, I’m going to start looking for a similar replacement.

4.     Earrings>Necklaces in the jewelery department

5.     Button Downs are my new favourite alternative outerwear
      They’re multifunctional and lightweight, what’s not to like!

6.     Block Colors over Prints Anyday
      This challenge just reaffirmed what I've suspected for a while. No longer going to try and push prints on myself. I'll leave the colour clashing and wild prints to Man Repeller, and enjoy that style vicariously. 



1.    A Mini Leather Backpack in Black

2.   A Leather Jacket:
      As I mentioned above, all my outerwear have really proved themselves to be star pieces in my closet, and I definitely feel a soft, classic leather jacket would be a beautiful core addition. It's all my favourite things in one: black, structured, and classic. 

2.    More Bralettes: 
      After seeing how it transformed my camisole, I think adding more variety will be a great way to transform my existing basics

3.    More Structured Tanks:
The pima modal tank is a wonderful, lightweight, casual option, but it just didn’t lend itself well to a pairing with my silk culottes the way a thicker cotton or a silk tank would have. It’s just not a piece that I can carryover from casual to dressy.

 A black evening clutch: I have my eye on this one from Cuyana. 

1.     Extremely Distressed, Whiskered Denim: It just doesn’t fit into my style anymore
2.     Large Prints: I had initially tried to add a floral printed cotton culotte from Zara, and it was such a headache to pair with other items. I see other people work prints like a boss, but I guess it’s just not me.

I’m so glad to have embarked on this wonderful challenge, and to be able to share this experience with you guys. Until the next 10x10 my friends, see you soon!

Fall 10x10

Here are my 10 picks and why I decided to join in. 

Why I’ve decided to join in

I’ve been embracing the more is better tagline for around a year now, and I’ve seen my wardrobe change and grow towards something much better. Right now I’m in that painful growing phase where I’m not sure how to cull and add to the wardrobe to make it the perfect “capsule”. 

Note: I use the term "capsule" loosely because I’ve seen many bloggers create the perfect capsule and then become disillusioned with the idea and adopt a looser, more adaptable version of the same.
I just don’t think I have the time and energy to go through that process, so I’m trying to go the opposite route and ease myself into a happy medium.

2 Tops:
1. Pima Modal Tank - Grana (available here, to get 10 % off your first order use this link )
2. Silk Camisole - Kanso (similar here)

3 Bottoms:
1. Silk Culottes - Grana 
2. Distressed denim - Zara (similar here)
3. Ponte leggings with elasticated panels - Topshop ( available here)

2 Dresses:
1. Midi tank dress - Zara (similar here and here
2. Silk Long Sleeve Tailored Dress - Grana (no longer available, similar here

1 Jacket:
1. Worsted Wool Bomber - Grana (similar here and here)

Challenge Objectives

1. Cull Closet Fillers: The very act of choosing my 10x10 pieces has been eye opening. Pieces I thought were extremely versatile just didn’t work with many others, either due to silhouette, length, or style.  As I go through this process I think I’ll have a better idea of the kinds of items I want to keep and force into rotation, and the kinds I need to let go of.

2. Personal Style Refinement:
I’m in my early twenties, and as anyone in their early twenties will say, it’s a time of discovery. I’ve gone through so many phases, from dainty, to tomboy, to boho and everything in between, as can clearly be seen by the contents of my closet. Though I love and wear many pieces from these “style eras”, I’ve realized that to create a cohesive wardrobe I need some clarity in the direction in which I want to take it.

3.Identify Gaps:
I'm very well aware of the fact that there are some serious voids in my closet, more acutely so when I’m in a rush to get ready and the outfit just DOES NOT work. Without the flexibility of being able to change my clothes, my accessories are going to take focus, and I consider this a very weak area for my closet, so hopefully I identify what exactly I need. This is the primary reason I’ve chosen a more flexible 10x10, so I can rotate shoes to see which ones get more use, and what shoes I need to add to my wardrobe.

4.Identify Style Heroes:
These are pieces that are the most versatile, and really hold together my outfits. They are the kinds of pieces I should be investing in, and I think knowing what look these pieces fall under will further help me hone in on my personal style. 

5.Reinvest and Upgrade:
This will include pieces I love, but feel could be of better quality, and pieces I own and would like more of in rotation. For example, if I find a basic t shirt is something I wear every other day, having two means that I have less laundry, and I won’t have to go searching for something similar when one gives into wear and tear. I read a piece on whowhatwear about a woman who buys everything she likes in multiples, sometimes different colors, but always more than one so shell never be without them. Of course, I won’t be that extreme, but I hope to identify some steady basics I’m prepared to stock up on.
As far as the upgrades go, there are already a couple of pieces in my wardrobe that I love (often fast fashion pieces I bought long ago), but would like better/slightly different versions of, and I’m hoping this challenge will help me needle out any others.

I’m so excited to be on this journey, and to meet some new 10x10 friends. I’m ready to be inspired, impressed, and to learn! This is going to be a fun 10 days!

5 Days 1 Dress: Modern Day Wednesday Addams

A ruffly, feminine printed sheer blouse under a silk slip dress. Girly and flirtatious, there is nothing childish or morbid (as the title may suggest) about this. Great for fancier occasions where you may not be as comfortable showing so much skin, but don't want to take away from the beauty of a little negative space. Part 2 will deal with layering over T shirts for a more casual look.

P.S. if you like this silk slip dress, you can use this referral link to get 10% off your first order!


1. LAYERING (Textures and Silhouettes):

Since the dress is made of silk, it doesn't do well with bulky/highly textured tops underneath. The texture shows through, and the bulk ruins the silhouette of the dress as it is unstructured.

Blouses to layer with: A fitted, slinky, cashmere/wool turtleneck would look polished and give you clean lines (Everlane, Grana, Cuyana, and Uniqlo all have some great wool and cotton options)

Or, you could pair the dress with a sheer lace top with 3/4 sleeves to make it a little dressier.

Any cotton/silk shirt with fluted or voluminous sleeves in black/contrasting colour would give you that great 90s vibe that's so on trend right now!


An off shoulder crop with a straight neckline would be a cute way to add some coverage to the d├ęcolletage while keeping the look less formal and more casual.

Round neck and high neck blouses work well with the v neck also.

Scoop necks and bateau necks both clash with the simplicity of the V neck on the slip dress. Along the same vein, stay away from V neck tops unless they mirror the slant of the slip dress neck to a T, otherwise the lines clash. Same for square neck may be beautifully geometric or it may look like a train wreck.


Though I've styled this dress with flats, leather ankle boots in a burgundy, black, or white would look amazing for fall. Chanel esque block heels with a cap toe would be a wonderful way to dress up this styling option as well.

Belting with a D ring belt, with some pvc boots, and a a turtle neck would add such a retro vibe. I don't think a belt would work the way I styled it, but it's a great way to change up the lewk of this style quickly.

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