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Grana Review || Mini V neck Slip Dress

This is by far one of my favourite purchases from Grana. I got it in their summer sale, and it's easily the best summer-fall transitional piece I have.  Needless to say, I'm excited to review such a well loved piece, and tell you why it's a closet staple. 

**I’ve linked the product and a code for 10% off below, at the end of the review if you decide to check this dress out for yourself.

1. Overall opinion + Rating
2. Material

3. Overall Silhouette

4. Cut
5. Details
6. Measurement
7. Fit
8. Quality: Price Ratio

9. Tips on buying

Despite some issues with mobility (i.e. I can’t touch my toes without flashing front and back), I love the dress. It’s incredibly comfortable and versatile. And I doubt I'll need to be touching my toes in public anytime soon. A good desk to drinks buy.
| MATERIAL | 10/10

Georgette Satin silk

16 mm double layered 'georgette satin silk'. For any of you silk buffs out there, they've basically renamed charmeuse silk as georgette satin. In laymen terms this means silk that's been woven into a smooth satin weave. 

Note the double layer ends at mid thigh for me, leaving a small strip at the bottom slightly sheer. 


Jet black, they’re not messing around with any of that half- baked greyish nonsense here. I think they were able to achieve this because of the satin weave. Their crepe de chine is more velvety, and thus doesn't look as black.

| CUT |

*These  observations may not be of relevance to someone taller and larger than I am, so refer to the measurements section to see how this applies to you.

Extremely deep V neck...depths which warrant more care and concern than the 5 minute rule when bending forward to pick up a piece of your fallen sandwich. However, I do think that considering the relatively girly A-line silhouette, the V neck adds some grown up femininity to what could have been a very school-girl look. 

The armholes are large and comfy, however you do risk the casual side boob flash if you’re a mover and shaker. Solve with fashion tape or let your boobs run free (my preferred choice).

I have, however, noticed that larger armholes that don’t almost cut off arm circulation are more flattering and make upper arm flab less notable *definite win*

Posterior Neckline
If the front is precariously low, the back isn’t in any way more coquettish.
No, seriously, this is a mini mini dress. Even at my height, the length does not suffice to cover my bum during a full bend over. Crouching is a better option all around.

Side Slits
These slits reach me mid thigh while standing, and leave my entire thigh bare and exposed while sitting. My panties, however, do remain gracefully hidden.

To avoid unwanted flashing, I cross my legs and ensure the fabric is draped securely over my leg twist on either side when I sit.


Altering the neckline to be a little higher shouldn't be hard, and I plan on doing it myself to make it a bit more conservative. I'll add an update as to how it turned out once I'm done.  Alternatively you can try adding strap shorteners I found here, so you can adjust the length. They carry them in nude, black, and silver, and don't require any sewing.  

Side slit
You could also sew up a bit of the slit, so there is less skin show, and it's easier to sit, though I like the subtle sexiness of a slit of this height.


If you want the dress to be more fitted, it'll be a simple case of adding two darts at the back (ask your tailor, he'll understand). I like the looser fit, so I'm going to be leaving it as is. 

It’s a relaxed, gentle A-line silhouette that, despite the silky fabric, is quite flattering i.e. no clinging. I'd put this down to the inner layer of silk that acts like a slip.
The slits on the side add a subtle sexiness and femininity to the free flowing dress.

If you would like a waist, cinching with a belt or a jacket tied at your waist is a good idea.


The finish is great and I found no stray threads.
The seams are smooth and the straps feel substantial considering they’re literally silk spaghetti straps.
I would have liked an extra v shaped panel at the neck to make it a little sexier ala Cuyana, but I’m just being spoilt.

It’s marketed as a beautifully made, simple basic and it is all of those things.

Measurements were taken in inches, from a size XXS

Front Neck drop (depth of neck): 9 1/2
Armhole:  8 1/3 (measured along the curve)
Length: 35 1/2
Shoulder: 9 1/2
Bust: 32
Waist: 34
Hips: 36
Slit Length: 8 (measured from bottom of dress)
| FIT |
It’s a very relaxed fit on me and I’m currently a little heavier than usual thanks to 0 exercise and a horrendous diet the last six months. Once I return to a normal eating/workout schedule I’ll update my fit review her as I know that finding sizes is particularly hard for petites at sizing extremes. Having said that it’s loose but fashionably so, and I quite like being able to pack away a burger without anyone being the wiser.

My measurements as of now: 32-24.5-31. I’d say I’m hourglass with relatively broad shoulders and a broad torso. I carry most of my weight in my thighs and bum. Height: 5’0.


It's a fantastic buy for silk at a decent quality. Better than Everlane's silk, actually. Grana states it's markup rates are 2-3.5 times the cost of production which is very reasonable compared to the current 7-8times markup norms.

Grana’s sales are not just great, they are phenomenal. I mean, they are almost NO markup price great (they had a sale that was literally named exactly this). I find that xxs, xl are often available on sale for a while, with smalls selling out a bit faster, and mediums and large sizes selling out the fastest. 
During the last few days of the sale they often increase markdowns from up to 30 percent to up to 70 percent, so if you’re willing to take the chance of an item selling out, I’d suggest waiting, especially if you take a size that doesn’t sell out as quickly. Often certain colors and styles are excluded from the sale so don’t bank on your favourite item being marked down. 

Also, be forewarned, they've started discontinuing styles, so if you don't pick something up before a major sale ends, there is no guarantee it won't be gone for good. In the end, if it’s something you love and you know will be well loved and used by you, sale or not, I say invest in it.

Just use this link, create an account, and you’ll get a 10% discount on checkout. This is only applicable to first time customers who are creating a new account though.

The link to the mini v neck slip dress is here:  I bought this an XXS small in black.

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