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Glossier Cloud Paint | First Impressions

Note: This Brand is Cruelty Free

Oh no. Not another glossier review. Said no one ever. Yea yea, I waxed poietic about the skin tint, but how will I feel about the cloud paint? Sorry to disappoint, but kinda sorta the exact same. Don’t worry, this opinion is rooted in solid fact. Read on to see why this is another win in my book.

First off, let’s talk about the packaging. It looks like a tiny tube of paint you’d find casually yet artfully lying somewhere next to an artist’s easel. Tres tres chic. Bummer the tube is so small though…I’d seen a lot of complaints about this, but I wasn't prepared for how truly tiny the tube is.

Here's a side by side of the cloud paint and my hand to really give you some perspective on the size.

What it doesn't have in size, it makes up for in punch. It's a pretty intense pigment so you only need a little less than half a dollop of this stuff to achieve the rosy cheeks of your dreams. I’m not joking, this stuff works harder than your grandmother at giving you "just pinched" cheeks.

I accidentally squeezed a medium sized dollop on my hand (I’ve heard this happens to a lot of people first squeeze) and I ended up looking like I had a rash because I refused to waste product. Easily fixed by quickly blotting with my beauty blender, but this stuff sets fast, so I would recommend building it up rather than trying to blot away. Oh and I tried washing my hands with soap after swatching, and guess what? The tint barely faded!

Anyways, this creamy watery hybrid blends into the skin effortlessly, and I can see why people say the colour is adaptable. It melts into my skin so seamlessly, I can get away with wearing it on bare skin. And my is it buildable. LOVE. I'm curious to see how the bright pink 'puff' shade would work on my skin. I haven't met a shade of pink that didn't look like bad pageant makeup on my skin, so maybe puff will be my skin's elusive pink mate..we'll see.

All in all, cloud paint makes me feel like a Gilbert Stuart painting, and that’s alwaaays a good thing. If you haven’t heard of him, check out his work here, it really is wonderful, he even gave George Washington rosy cheeks!

Anyways, I’ll upload a full review later once I’ve really tested this baby out, but for now, please content yourself with this video of the cloud paint magic on repeat. It’s kinda mesmerising.

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