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So, I mentioned in my Fall 10x10 post, that I’d been using a wardrobe organising app to help me create and archive my looks beforehand.  I noticed a lot of 10x10 friends finding it difficult to create new looks on the fly and execute changes and edits they decided on at the end of their challenge. I completely understand this sentiment! It’s hard editing your closet when most of us have limited space and too many clothes, no matter how organised you are. It’s even harder to remember items you have when they’re stuck in the depths of your closet. The 10x10 challenge really made me realise how many of us just want to get the most use of what we have! And the first step is to have a clear idea of what is in our closets! 

It’s been a good few months that I’ve used this app, and I’m ready to review it.  It’s been a huge help in addressing the above problems, and I figured this is a good time for this post, since many of us are wondering how to execute lessons learned from our respective Fall 10x10 challenges. 

What Is Finery: 
Finery is  a “wardrobe operating system” that “ powers functions like organizing, styling and shopping— for your entire wardrobe”. Started by Brooklyn Decker and Whitney Casey, this app essentially catalogues your wardrobe, and then allows you to create and archive looks, as well as add wish lists with notifications on sales and price drops. 
This is just a broad overview so I’d encourage y’all to keep reading for a better idea of what this app does. 

I’m dividing this review into two parts because it’s a bit long, but believe me it’s a worthwhile read!

Part 1 will include a review on :
>The Online Wardrobe (auto upload of your wardrobe, etc)
>The Lookbook Feature

Part 2 will include a review on:
>The Wishlist Feature
>Celebrity Wardrobes
>Sign up and Set up Tips
>Comparison with the Cladwell app (both have some major pros, so which works for you will be very subjective)
>Quick Summation of the review and final thoughts

This has really been a labour of love. It took me many sessions over a month to put this together, so I hope this is useful to you guys!

Here's Part 1:


Online Wardrobe

Auto upload your wardrobe

Finery sets itself apart in how easy it is to add to your virtual wardrobe.
It pulls product information directly from e -receipts in your inbox and adds them to your closet, so you don’t have to tediously add each piece manually. This applies to future purchases as well!

For those purchases without e-receipts, Finery has a browser extension (similar to the pinterest extension) that allows you to tag product images online and add them to your wardrobe.

In addition you can browse products via the app’s browse button and add them, or upload pictures you’ve taken yourself. 

Basically there are tons of ways to quickly and efficiently upload your wardrobe, which was one big reason I had been hesitant to try an online organizers (time is at a premium, am I right?).

Easy and Detailed categorising

The virtual wardrobe has every catergory your own wardrobe would. This includes accessories, and a category labelled miscellaneous that I personally use to categorise fancy bralettes, shapewear, and hosiery. 

Each product is saved with information about the designer, store, price,  season,  size of the piece added, and the date the piece was added any of which you can edit, or add to. This is one of my favourite features because I keep forgetting what size I am in different brands and often have to go digging for sizing references in my closet. You can search for products using these labels, so you can see all your pieces from a particular designer/season/store together. 

You can also categorise the product by type (eg t shirt/blouse/tank), color, and detail (rhinestones, denim, fur, etc). 
When you go back to your wardrobe you can see all of the things in your wardrobe that come under any of these categories. The 'details' one comes in handy for me, especially when I want something lacey, or with some glitter, and can’t decide what to pick or what options I have. All of my choices are displayed together!

**Note: I would recommend manually changing the color on any new products added as the site isn’t great at categorising auto assigned colors.

You can also add notes to each product, with ideas on how you would style it, etc. 

Styling Ideas

When you save a product image, Finery will automatically save all the images available for that product from the site. This way, you can always refer to how it’s been styled on the site. You can add to this by uploading other images with different views or styling.

For each product, there is a pinterest styling icon that will automatically look the product up on Pinterest to find you new styling ideas. 

Makes Returns Easier

Everytime you add a new piece to your wardrobe, there will be a number in the corner to tell you how many days are left for returns and exchanges, so you do not miss the return window if you at any point plan to do so. 

You can mark an item as something you want to return in your wardrobe, and Finery will send you return reminders via email (if you choose this option on your account settings page). 


 The Lookbook/Moodboard

Create Looks with Templates

There are a variety of templates with different subdivisions, to accommodate whatever combination of clothes and accessories you want to save in a look, neatly divided into their own little boxes.

You can choose pieces for the look from your wardrobe, wishlist, featured celebrity wardrobes, or straight from a site via the shop button if you haven’t added the piece to Finery. 

The weather icon in the Finery app is a simple, but great addition, to help you keep the weather in mind when creating a look for the day.

Categorizes Looks

Once you’ve created a look you can create a collection to save the look under. For example, I saved all of my 10x10 challenge looks under a Fall10x10 collection so I could easily access them together later. 

Additionally you can label the look with a “vibe”. This basically refers to the style of your outfit e.g. classic, comfy, grecian. You can use the preset “vibe” categories or add your own. I’ve used this plenty of times, especially when going on vacations where I’d need very casual clothing. It's made choosing outfits so much easier.

To make planning looks in advance easier, you can even tag the look with the date on which you attend to wear it. 

Another great feature is the "share button" for looks. It makes it easier to discuss outfit options with friends, or just share opinions on an outfit without having to go and try it on or sit and explain it. I haven’t tried sharing to social media, but there is an option to do that as well, which I’m assuming is great for bloggers. 

WHEW that was an intense review! Come back next week to check out Part Deux and the clash of the titans (Cladwell vs Finery)
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