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Here's the second part of my review for you guys!

Part 2 includes a review on:
>The Wishlist Feature
>Celebrity Wardrobes
>Sign up and Set up Tips
>Comparison with the Cladwell app (both have some major pros, so which works for you will be very subjective)
>Quick Summation of the review and final thoughts


There are tons of ways to add products to your wishlist, including the sites own search engine which is well categorized. 
This is a great shopping assistant, even when I’m not shopping via the site because it helps me keep track of things I need vs things I think I want in the moment. Going into a brick and mortar store is a little less intimidating when you have a visual list of things that you actually need. 

One of my favourite features of this site is a Shoptagr like feature that informs you when something on your wishlist is on sale. Getting those emails is like Christmas day!


This isn’t a feature I thought I’d be really excited about, especially since celebrity closets are filled with uber expensive pieces that aren’t always made of natural fabrics, or with attention to material (ehem those Gucci blouses for a thousand bucks that are polyester. I mean POLYESTER?). 

Buuuuut. I saw Miroslava Duma on the list and I was annoyingly intrigued. If you’re a petite girl and you haven’t heard of Ms. Duma yet, you NEED to check her out. She’s got amazing style and wears so many silhouettes so well despite her size. Miroslava is my forever inspiration when it comes to fashion. Ok, enough waxing poetic about her, but her closet was on of my favourites to peruse. If you have any such fashion girl crushes, here’s your fashion version of the ITG shelfie! Oh and they add styling notes like the rest of us, something I love to check out. 

And if by chance you find an ethically made, beautiful, silk blouse at a less than exorbitant price in their closet, there is a direct link to a site you can buy the exact same thing from (sometimes). Hollywood starlet dressing is within reach!

Sign up with the personal email account you use for shopping. This is key to the automatic wardrobe upload feature, otherwise the site won’t be able to auto-add any old or new purchases to your virtual wardrobe. Note, the auto upload doesn’t work very well with hotmail IMO, (am I the only one who still has a hotmail account ?) so use a gmail or yahoo account preferably. 

If you are the queen of compartmentalisation and have 20 email addresses you shop with, you can add all of them, once your account has been created. 

Most of us have accounts with the usual suspects e.g. Reformation, Anthropolige, Uniqlo etc. Finery can link to all of them so any purchase through these accounts gets automatically uploaded to your wardrobe. Ahhhhh the sweet feeling of modern age laziness.

Decide whether you want to receive emails. They don’t really bombard you with spam mail, but they will send the one off “here are looks people are wearing today” email. It’s worth IMO to get the sale alerts, but it’s an easy toggle to unsubscribe on the accounts page. When you don’t have anything urgent on your Wishlist you can temporarily unsubscribe. 


1. Ios app: sorely needed, and coming soon (or so they say). The mobile website sucks for lack of a better term and creating looks is a chore since you can’t look at clothes by category on the mobile site. 

2. Adding a marketplace where you can sell or trade your clothes: They’re either going to dominate or be a sucky alternative to Vestaire collective etc. We’ll see…

3. Style You: This may be the update I’m looking most forward to. According to Casey and Decker, they are working on algorithms to give you outfit recommendations, as well as identify gaps in your closet, and recommend pieces for your wishlist accordingly.  

I initially joined the app because the faqs stated that it would point out redundancies in my closet, and flag things in my wishlist that didn’t need. So far, wherever this hidden feature is, I haven’t encountered it. 
But I love that this app lets me see all of my clothes, unlike my dark deep, cramped closet. I’ve gotten use out of so many pieces of clothing I’d forgotten I had! 
The ease of use, the detailed categorizing, and the Looks feature all have me hooked! The Fall 10x10 was the real test for this app and it passed with flying colors. I read about so many 10x10 friends struggling to create new looks after the first 6 days, and while I too struggled, at least I struggled beforehand, and not in the morning, time strapped and frustrated. Once I had my looks in place, it was just a mindless act of wearing the day designated outfits, clicking a picture, and heading out the door! I also use it to save outfit ideas that suddenly pop into my head, or looks for a rainy, uninspired day. 

For all those searching for a free alternative to the cladwell app, while it isn't as capsule wardrobe oriented, it’s still a great, great app for organising your closet, spotting redundancies and gaps, and squeezing the most out of the pieces you have (see a recurring theme here?)


I think the best way to sum up the differences between Cladwell and Finery is this:
Finery attempts to be a shopping assistant/stylist while Cladwell tries to hone in on the sustainable, capsule wardrobe set of clients.  Both can be used by sustainable, capsule wardrobers, and normal shoppers alike, but they both definitely have different focus groups. One of the big positives for the Cladwell app is that the clothing images provided are simple, and uniform, all on a white background. With Finery, since you're taking images from a product page, you can't control background or whether the image is being modelled or not. Because of this, the 'looks' you create through the cladwell app are cleaner and more focussed looking (which is a plus if you're a blogger who likes to share your looks). I personally enjoy the extra categorising capabilities of Finery, and am very happy to manually create capsule categories via the collections option. 

Autoupload from e-receipts
Upload pictures of your own or from a site

You can upload the exact product image, including
styling images form the site. Once you pin one picture of the piece from the site, the rest of the images are automatically saved so you can switch to any of the available product pictures whenever you want without having to repin. 

Had to edit this because, YAY, Cladwell now allows you to upload pictures of your own in addition to using images available in the app (initially the only way to add to your closet was to choose from preset images on the app that are the most similar to the piece in your wardrobe). They still, however don't have a direct 'pin to add' feature where they source images directly from store websites.
Outfit Library with images identical to those found in specifically Ethical, Sustainable fashion brands

For example, Cladwell recently teamed up with The Garment for their Fall Virtual Pop Up featuring only responsible brands. All item images were included in the outfit library.
Categorized Wardrobe:

you can sort by category in both apps.
Categorising options:
1. Designer
2. Season (not searchable)
3. Size (not searchable)
4. Store
5. Color
6. Clothing type and Style (fewer options than caldwell. but it includes bags and acessories)
7. Details (patterns, fur, etc)
8. Date added
9. Can add personal notes (not searchable)
Categorising options:
1. Color
2. Style (more options, but no bags and accessories category available)
3 .Sleeve
4. Neckline
5. *Patterns: solid/striped, etc
6. *Fabric: denim, silk, lace, etc
7. *similar to details, but with less options
8. Capsules: you can create capsules (eg activewear, casual, etc) and add only pieces applicable to these capsules. *You can still view your wardrobe in full, despite having smaller capsule wardrobes.
9. Storage: You can remove certain pieces from your daily wear section and put them in storage if they aren’t season appropriate. The item will be hidden until you decide otherwise. 
6. Categorized wishlist

New Item Suggestions Based on Existing Pieces in Wardrobe

They are planning to introduce this feature in the near future
the discover tab allows you to find new items that fit into your capsule, and gives you multiple examples of how you can style the item with your existing wardrobe.  
7. Categorized Lookbook

all of the categories available for labelling your wardrobe apply to your Looks as well 
In addition you can sort by: 

Collection: similar to creating a capsule
Vibe: the style of your look (eg classic, comfy, etc)
Date (can outfit plan by tagging the outfit to the date you plan to wear it)

Outfit Suggestions are displayed together, with no option to sort suggestions.

You can customise outfits from the outfits suggestions page, after which they will be saved to your closet outfits for good. However you cannot create your own from scratch.
Sharing options:
>downloading, or a generated link
You can share items in your closet, wishlist, and looks with your friends or on social media in all of these ways. 
Daily Outfit Recommendations and Outfit Suggestions
 No daily outfit recommendations.

They plan on providing styling suggestion via their app in the near future.

The app will automatically notify you of 3 outfit options each day based on the weather. The outfits are generated by an algorithm. If you don’t like one of the outfits, you can refresh to view another option.
You can also decide when you want to get these suggestions (ie the day before, the morning of, etc) and decide to get suggestions only from one capsule
Logging Outfits when you wear them

The app allows you to log the outfits you wear each day and then view your logged outfits later on, with specifics on how many times that particular outfit was worn and when it was last worn. 

Item Stats: 

Information on versatility and use of each piece in your wardrobe


Uses the "outfits logged" feature to tell you how many times and how long it's been since you wore an outfit. 
It will also tell you how many capsules it’s been included in and how many outfits it can be included in within each capsule. 
Closet Stats:  
percentage of items in closet worn

This is a great way to help you how understand how much of your closet you're really using, and how much you don’t need. 
Featured Celebrity Wardrobes
Capsule Wardrobe Specific extras via the blog (all available to the general public for free)

*NOTE: this isn’t something you get for subscribing, but I think it’s nice that they put in so much effort to educate their subscribers and help them create a capsule wardrobe. 

>How to donate clothes and where

>Brand lists on where to shop ethically

>pdf checklists for fall/winter and spring/summer capsule wardrobe collections (with further divisions into activewear, casual, business, etc)
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