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I’m a short girl with a short torso. For most of my life this has meant not only cheaper under 18 train tickets, and getting great deals on coats from the children’s department, but also being carded without fail despite being well into the latter part of my 20s, being constantly underestimated because of my size, and worst of all, almost never being able to find adult clothing that didn’t make me look like a child playing dress up. Though I’ve figured out what I can and can’t make work (and most importantly have found a great tailor) sometimes I’m posed with sartorial dilemmas that aren’t as easily solved. One such dilemma is that of the non-adjustable strap. 

Inevitably necklines dip to NSFW levels of depth on me, made worse by the fact that tailoring straps can often ruin the fall and overall silhouette of a top.

After much searching, I have finally found a solution: Strap Savers. I stumbled upon these when I first started investing silk camisoles and realised how much more versatile they would be if I could adjust the sexiness with just a quick tightening or loosening of a strap. Loose and let out (no pun intended) for drunken nights dancing, and high and tight for more conservative settings aka work or family dinners. The strap saver requires no sewing skills on your part, magically creating an adjustable strap for you.

Here’s a little video showing you how I used the strap savers to transition from a day to night look!

So how useful has this really been to me, now that I’ve had a few weeks to test drive it? Pretty darn useful.


1. Measure the width/diameter (in the case of round straps) of your strap, preferably close to where the strap meets the back of your top, as this is where you’ll want to position the strap saver. Then order the required strap saver size (1/4, ½, or ¾, or 1 inch) color (they offer black, tan, and metallic), and strength (regular or extra strength for bigger busted women, or sports bras). I chose the ¼ inch strap saver in black, which ended up being too small for my Grana Classic Silk V neck camisoles (for which I’d recommend the ½ inch strap savers), but worked perfectly on my Grana Silk Contrast Panel camisole which has slightly thinner straps. For rounder straps the strap saver should be snug, and a little hard to get the straps into (because of the incongruency in shape), but not so tight that the metal chafes the fabric.

2. To tighten already adjustable straps (aka on bras, etc), you will only need one strap saver per strap (the Single Strap Saver solution), but to convert a nonadjustable strap into an adjustable one you will need two strap savers per strap (the Double Strap Saver Solution).

3. Install the strap savers (refer to video or read the instructions provided on the site here: Single StrapSolution or Double Strap Solution

4. Voila you’re done! You can easily remove the strap savers at any point, or reinstall them for a different strap length.


1. You can add these to already adjustable straps to tighten them further, aka expensive bras whose straps have lost their elasticity (what a shame to throw them away before their time)

2. Or, you can use them like I do to bring some of those scandalously low hanging camisoles, to more appropriate heights.

3. They can be used on normal bras, sports bras, tops, dresses and even swimsuits!

4. Unlike more permanent solutions like alterations, these are removable and hence reversible at any time.

5. They’re durable, made of 18-gauge (Regular) and 14-gauge (Extra Strength) stainless steel. The colored versions are coated with ceramic, and all strap savers can be worn in chlorine and salt water.

6. You can throw your tops in the wash WITH these on. They won’t ruin your clothes, though they can come loose and get stuck in your dryer so don’t make it a habit.

7. They are ridiculously affordable, especially in terms of all the money I’ve saved on tailoring. I’m not a sewing pro, and silk is a tricky fabric to work with. I’ve already saved so much money when considering cost per wear, and the number of tops I’ve been able to wear using this solution. The Strap Savers only cost $15 a pair (with free shipping within the United States), after which every additional pair is only $10.

8. Exchanges are free, so if you do happen to order the wrong size or color, you can exchange them for the right fit. Both exchanges and returns (they offer returns with a full refund) must be done within 30 days, not including time for priority or international shipping. All returns must include the original packing as well, so don’t throw that out.

9. This is the best pro of all: For every Strap Saver sold, money is donated towards Breast Cancer Research. You can read more about their philanthropic endeavours here.


1. Not exactly a con per say, but the strap savers work best on flat straps. The folds stack more neatly when the straps are flat vs round. I don’t mind, since I don’t think the difference is too obvious, but it’s something to think about.

2. Because the strap savers need to be tighter around rounder straps to stay on, you have to be careful when removing them as well as installing them on the strap, especially if you’re dealing with a delicate fabric like silk. With the rounder straps I flatten them a bit with my nails so they slide into the strap saver without catching at the fabric.

Overall, I’m so glad I had the opportunity to try out and review this product for you guys. I’m sure there are a lot of you out there with the very same problem, and I hope this gives you a viable solution for all of those sexy camis that are just a bit too sexy.
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